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CMF fabrication

Groomer model CMF-62-96

Groomer model CMF-62-96

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Are your trails bumpy? The CMF groomer is the perfect solution for you!

Its rigidity combined with its lightness allows it to make your trail perfectly smooth.

Advantages :
- Powder coat paint 
- Fully bolted assembly (easy replacement of each part in case of breakage)
- Lightweight construction (220 lbs)
- Dimensions: 62'' wide x 120'' long
- Height adjustment for an optimal finish (manually or with a winch)

To note
-Recommended machine for towing this groomer: ATV on tracks, Side by side on tracks, Snowmobile 20-24''

-The first number of the model means the width, the second, the length (the length is measured without counting the pole.)
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